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Useful information for single unmarried mothers in Singapore

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Child and Infant Care Subsidies

Start-Up Grant (SUG)


What is it?

  • For additional financial assistance, parents may apply for a Start Up Grant (SUG) of up to $240.
  • The grant can be used to pay for items such as registration fees, insurance, deposit, uniforms, material fees, supplementary fees, etc.
  • A SUG application should be made through your child’s kindergarten


Am I eligible?

  • Your child is a Singapore citizen.
  • Your gross monthly household income is $1,900 or below, or the per capita income is $650 or below.
  • Your child is enrolled in a kindergarten operated by Anchor Operators or the Ministry of Education.


How do I apply?

  • Apply through your child’s kindergarten.


What documents are needed?


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