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Useful information for single unmarried mothers in Singapore

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Child and Infant Care Subsidies

Basic Subsidy and Additional Subsidy for Infant Care and Childcare


What is it?

  • Parents with Singapore citizen children enrolled in Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) licensed child care centres are eligible for a basic subsidy of up to $600 for infant care and up to $300 for childcare.
  • In addition, families with working mothers and gross monthly household incomes of $7,500 and below are eligible for an additional subsidy of up to $540 for infant care and up to $440 for childcare.
  • The subsidies will be disbursed directly to your childcare centre. You will only need to pay the net fees after subsidy. The subsidy amount will depend on the child’s programme fees. Parents are required to make a minimum co-payment as a reflection of their stake in their child’s education.


Am I eligible?

  • Your child is a Singapore citizen.
  • Infant care subsidy: Your child is aged 2-18 months old.
  • Childcare subsidy: Your child is aged 18 months to 7 years old.
  • Your child is enrolled in an ECDA-licensed childcare centre.
  • You are employed and work at least 56 hours per month.
  • You need to inform the childcare centre of your single status and to provide supporting documents:
    • Unmarried single parents have to print out statement from the Registrar of Marriage to show that they are not married.


How do I apply?

  • Fill in the application form from your childcare centre or download it online here.


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