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Useful information for single unmarried mothers in Singapore

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Healthcare Subsidies

Enhanced Medisave Grant for Newborns


What is it?

  • $4,000 will be deposited into your newborn child’s CPF Medisave account.
  • The money can be used for your child’s healthcare expenses, such as MediShield Life premiums, recommended childhood vaccinations, hospitalisation and approved outpatient treatments.


Am I eligible?

  • Only Singapore citizen newborns born on or after 1 January 2015.
  • Eligibility is not affected by the marital status of parents.
  • If the child is not a Singapore citizen at birth, the amount will be pro-rated based on the date that the child becomes a Singapore citizen.


How do I apply?

  • You do not need to apply. The grant will be deposited automatically, usually 2 months after birth registration. A notification letter will be sent to you when the grant is deposited.
  • If your newborn is eligible but did not receive the grant, you can contact Central Provident Fund Board (CPFB) to submit an enquiry.


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