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Useful information for single unmarried mothers in Singapore

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Baby Bonus Scheme and Child Development Account (CDA)


What is it?

  • The scheme provides financial support to parents via cash gifts and a Child Development Account (CDA), where the government will match parents’ savings into the account dollar for dollar, subject to a cap.
  • Money from the cash gifts and the CDA account can be used for your child’s healthcare and educational expenses at Baby Bonus Approved Institutions.
  • Singapore citizen child
  • Born on or after 1 Sep 2016
  • $3,000 first step
  • Dollar for dollar matching:
    • 1st – 2nd child: <= $3,000
    • 3rd – 4th child: <= $9,000
    • 5th and higher: <= $15,000
  • Singapore citizen child
  • Parents are married
  • 1st – 2nd child: $8,000
  • 3rd – 4th child: $10,000
  • 5th and higher: $10,000


How do I apply?

  • 1

    Apply Online

    • Log in to Baby Bonus website using Singpass
  • 2

    Complete Application Form

    • Father’s particulars: Leave blank if father’s name is not on child’s birth certificate.
    • Mother’s particulars: Leave blank if mother’s name is not on child’s birth certificate.
    • Pre-birth registration: Only for parents with valid marriage certificate
    • Marriage information: Indicate if you are married to the other parent of the child. If no, you will be asked if the mother’s and father’s names are included on the child’s birth certificate.
    • CDA Trustee: Only the parent(s) whose name is on the birth certificate can be chosen as a CDA trustee.
  • 3

    After Birth Registration

    • Account will be opened within 3-5 days of birth registration


Next Steps


1800 253 7707 (local)
+65 62537707 (overseas)


Family@Enabling Village
20 Lengkok Bahru, #04-02
Singapore 159053

Apply Online

Apply Online