Sarina’s story: How the Confidence Curriculum changed me

May 27, 2016

Sarina is a single mother of three children, who courageously left two abusive relationships, and faces financial difficulties due to lack of maintenance support. Sarina completed the Daughters Of Tomorrow (DOT) Confidence Curriculum and has been in touch with her peer support group of friends made at the workshops since then. She has applied and gotten acceptance for several jobs, but due to caregiving responsibilities, is unable to take up those jobs. She has recently enrolled herself for more self-development programmes with Mendaki and has been awarded Most Improved Mom by DOT at their Empowering Women, Great Moms dinner celebration.  


On employment while being a single mother

I am looking for a part-time job, but I have to settle some things with my kids first. I’m thinking about working from home, and after I settle everything with my children, I can work full-time. Recently, I’ve been having problems with them, that I often can’t concentrate. I have worked before, but I had to resign after one day and I don’t want that to happen again. It doesn’t work.

Before, I lacked confidence about myself but the Confidence Curriculum gave me the encouragement to move on and to remind myself that I am not alone. That I can push my fears aside, stand strong and deal with my problems. It doesn’t matter that you are a single mother. There are people to help and listen to our difficulties.

On the Confidence Curriculum, by Daughters Of Tomorrow

“I am currently unemployed, but I went for the Confidence Curriculum to go back to the workforce. I wasn’t a very confident person, I didn’t like to mix around with people and I was a lonely person. When I joined the programme, I felt more confident, more open to talk about my feelings, knowing that someone was there to listen and to help out with my problems. In this workshop, they give you the encouragement and the motivation to deal with the situations around you. 

I like the fact that we can make friends. They make us feel comfortable opening ourselves up to others, and to ask questions. They don’t look down on us – even if we don’t even know something, they will just explain it to us. They gave us opportunities to ask questions. That  made me feel so comfortable and I just love the programme so much because of that. They didn’t make us feel so unwanted.”

Best part of the Confidence Curriculum

“There is a resume program they teach. All the women in the course didn’t know how to make a resume. They taught a lot of things we didn’t know!

I am now more confident to take on the challenges with my children better. Before this I did not talk a lot to them and I would always shout. But now, after everything I went through, I realise there’s no point in shouting. So I just sit down with them, be calm and speak normally. Whatever was taught at the programme, I do with my children also.”

Hope for change

“I hope single mothers can explore what other women are going through. Get involved with anything you can; you are not alone. If you are alone too much, you end up thinking a lot about your problems, you will be stressed, bottle up your feelings and think that nobody is out there to help. I hope that other single mothers can also make friends so others know what they are going through.

Financial support is important in Singapore. It’s important to put in the effort to find work. You need somebody to take care of the children, need to work, and need to be able to commute.”

Proudest achievement

“I’ve started to improve myself. I didn’t know that I made improvements until I received the award from DOT, which surprised me! I knew that I had improved, but I didn’t expect other people to notice. So that’s my pride. I don’t tell people that I am improving. I’m just so proud that everyone now knows about my achievements because of DOT’s award.”

Are you facing financial difficulties and would like to work towards securing employment with employers who are understanding towards your unique challenges? Daughters Of Tomorrow offers skills training and employment-matching services. They will also refer you to their network of social services partners for interim financial assistance.

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