About #asinglelove

#asinglelove is an initiative by AWARE, in collaboration with Kinetic Singapore and Daughters Of Tomorrow.

A single parent is no less a parent. Whether they’re unmarried, divorced or widowed, single parents and their children are part of our society, and deserve inclusion and support to meet their needs, no less than any other families.

Let’s stand up for single parents. #asinglelove seeks to:

• Support and empower single parents through our services and programmes
• Promote more supportive and equitable policies towards single parents
• Encourage more welcoming and inclusive attitudes towards single parents


Spotlight: Single parents & Housing

Single parents face serious difficulties accessing public housing. From unrealistic income ceilings to a lack of transparency and clarity in policies, their families can experience stress, uncertainty and financial pressure, overcrowding and tension in relatives’ homes, and frustration with poorly explained and uncertain processes. Learn more about the findings from our latest report here

Some of these barriers and challenges are illustrated in comic form as part of a collaboration done with four local artists. Thanks to talented artists Clogtwo, Inkten, Weng Pixin and Neo Ann Gee.



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5 big challenges for single parents

1. Housing

Unmarried parents can only purchase HDB flats at age 35, and they are only eligible for subsidies on two-room flats in non-mature estates.  Meanwhile, divorced parents are barred from renting from HDB for 30 months after selling the matrimonial flat, limiting their rental options to expensive open market flats.  When they can again rent directly from HDB, they struggle to provide for their families while remaining under the highly restrictive $1,500 income ceiling.

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2. Employment

Single parents are frequently sole breadwinners too.  Many divorced parents with care and control of the children are women who left employment while married to meet the care needs of their families, sometimes negatively affecting their confidence and their skills.  Returning to the job market is a challenge in a society where too many disregard caregiving as work experience and are suspicious of single parents.

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3. Childcare

The challenges of parenting are intensified when only one parent is consistently at hand for every trip to school, home-cooked meal or doctor’s visit.  Finding reliable, affordable childcare is a major difficulty for single parents, but essential if they are to find and keep employment.

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4. Poverty

Struggling with employment, childcare and housing, many single parents find it hard to make ends meet, let alone build up savings or improve their family’s life chances.  Divorced mother are particularly vulnerable, with little CPF or savings from years as married home-makers, and often face difficulty making repeated trips to court to enforce maintenance orders against defaulting ex-spouses.

Watch Ashikin’s story

5. Stigma

Single parents have a tough job, which society makes harder by responding to them with prejudice and stereotypes.  We deny their children equality in areas like the Baby Bonus cash gift and give them stigmatising labels like ‘illegitimate’ (which carries real disadvantages in terms of inheritance law and tax reliefs), sending the hostile message that they aren’t worth as much as others, and don’t belong.

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Services and Programmes


#asinglelove offers the following services and programmes to support and empower single parents and their children as they strive for happiness and stability in their family lives.

If you are a single mother in need of financial assistance or back-to-work support...

Are you facing financial difficulties and would like to work towards securing employment with employers who are understanding towards your unique challenges? Daughters Of Tomorrow offers skills training and employment-matching services. They will also refer you to their network of social services partners for interim financial assistance. Unfortunately, at the moment, we only have capacity to assist you through this service if you are referred to us by a Family Service Centre (FSC).

To find out more or sign up, email mel@daughtersoftomorrow.org.

If you are a single mother and you need emotional support, counselling or legal advice...

AWARE’s experienced counsellors provide counselling for single mothers in distress situations and help them resolve life crises, deal with painful past events, adjust to changed circumstances or seek out new directions.

Location: AWARE Centre (5 Dover Crescent, #01-22)
Cost: Based on a sliding scale of income or five free sessions if referred by Daughters of Tomorrow

You can also call AWARE helpline at 1800-777 5555 to speak to someone, or book an appointment.

AWARE also offers a free legal clinic twice a month with experienced lawyers to provide women with legal information and advice. Our lawyers can explain your legal rights and options in a wide range of areas at a one-time consultation.

Dates: Every second and fourth Thursday of each month
Location: AWARE Centre (5 Dover Crescent, #01-22)

By prior appointment only. To make an appointment or find out more, call our Helpline (1800 777 5555), open Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. All calls and cases are kept strictly confidential.

If you are recently divorced, or going through divorce...

AWARE’s divorce-related support group is currently closed. Please visit here for information on upcoming editions.

For women who are recently divorced or going through divorce proceedings now, AWARE’s support group is here to help. The support group provides great opportunities for divorcees to meet others going through similar challenges. Participants may also learn ways to cope with emotional upheavals, adapt to changes, restructure lives meaningfully and embrace this new stage of life with positivity.

News and Stories

A Place To Call Home – Reflections from Sarah, a participating artist

A Place To Call Home – Reflections from Sarah, a participating artist

Oct 16 2018

On 13 October 2018, AWARE held a launch party for A Place To Call Home – a photo-essay exhibition by single-parent families. The exhibition is the powerful, heartfelt result of months of creative work by five individuals from single-parent families.

Photo essay exhibition, A Place To Call Home, reveals homes and lives of single-parent families

Photo essay exhibition, A Place To Call Home, reveals homes and lives of single-parent families

Oct 13 2018

Shots of messy, colourful bedrooms, of stainless steel cleaning appliances and of post-it notes from daughter to mother on a kitchen wall – these images are part of A Place To Call Home, a photo essay exhibition currently on showcase at Intermission Bar and organised by gender equality group AWARE. The exhibition explores the idea of home, and all five photo essays were put together by individuals from single-parent families.

Workshop: Laws on marriage and divorce

Workshop: Laws on marriage and divorce

Aug 20 2018

Are you going through a divorce or contemplating one? Perhaps you’re getting about to enter into a marriage and are unsure about…

Let’s celebrate the small wins! Dinner & drinks with single parents

Let’s celebrate the small wins! Dinner & drinks with single parents

Mar 09 2018

We have some good news – on Tuesday, the Minister of National Development announced that the HDB will remove its 3-year time-bar…


How you can help

#asinglelove will benefit greatly from support by the public. With your help, we can further our outreach, empower more single parents, and encourage social and policy change that would lessen their struggles.

For more information on how to get involved in #asinglelove initiatives, email Mel at mel@daughtersoftomorrow.org.