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Be child-centric all the way, including in housing

Sep 25 2017

An edited version of this piece was originally published as an op-ed in The Straits Times’ Opinion section on 23 September 2017. The print…

A single mother’s perspectives on housing rules

Jul 26 2017

Rachel is a divorced mother who attended AWARE’s dialogue on 17 May, “Single parents need homes, too”. She penned the following blog…

Single parents need homes, too: Anna’s story

May 24 2017

Single parents in Singapore grapple with a myriad of problems and restrictive rules when it comes to meeting a basic need –…

Sam’s story

May 03 2017

Sam feels that he does not have many options. He can only apply for a flat under the singles scheme, which will only be a two-room flat. However with his children growing up, he does not feel that there would be enough space for them in the available flats once they are a bit older, as they will still be spending the same amount of time living with him.

Rosa’s story

May 03 2017

Rosa is estranged from her father and siblings. When she revealed her pregnancy in late 2016 to her family, she got into a fight with them and her father used denigrating words to describe her. Rosa described her siblings as “one year one time siblings”. Her family – save for one sister – has not reached out to offer support or check in on her at all since the birth of her son six months ago.

There is nothing wrong with single parent families

Aug 27 2016

This post was originally published as a press release on 27 August 2016.  There is nothing wrong with single parent families Children…

N’s story: Fighting against the stigma

May 30 2016

N is a single mother who is attempting to adopt her own son in order to make him “legitimate”.

Renemarlina’s story: How the Confidence Curriculum changed me

May 30 2016

Renemarlina shares about her struggles with re-entering the workforce, and how the Confidence Curriculum has helped her.

Ashikin’s story: Financial struggles and difficulties with employment

May 30 2016

Ashikin, 45, is a single mother of four who was left struggling financially after her marriage fell apart.

Ms. Chuang’s story: Balancing childcare, eldercare with employment

May 27 2016

Ms. Chuang is not able to send her son to childcare because of her financial difficulties. Her elderly mother tries to watch him but it is too tough on her.