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Petition, Video On Housing For Single Parents Launched On International Day Of Families

May 15 2017

AWARE launched a petition bringing together single parents, their children and supporters in calling for changes to housing policies.

Comic: ‘Homes’ by Clogtwo

Feb 15 2017

“One day I’ll be president and give EVERYONE a house!”

Single parents need more inclusive policies on public housing

Feb 15 2017

Public housing policies create serious difficulties for single parents and should be amended to be more inclusive, according to a report released by AWARE today.

Good news: Unwed mothers will get 16 weeks of maternity leave from 1 Jan 2017

Nov 11 2016

Unwed mothers will get 16 weeks of maternity leave from Jan 1 next year, after Parliament passed changes to the Child Development Co-Savings Act.

Over 10,000 children born to unmarried mothers

Aug 24 2016

Thanks to a question in parliament, clear information on the number of children born to unmarried mothers each year is now publicly…

The limitations of Fresh Start

Mar 07 2016

Following divorce, for many single mothers, impoverishment and homelessness are pressing threats – but they need immediate access to rental housing, not eventual access to housing ownership.